What is Aspire’s Direct Credit Fund? 
To investors, The Aspire Direct Credit Fund offers an asset class that is convenient, competitive, and with a low-lock in period. The Aspire Direct Credit Fund is the world’s first direct investment fund that connects investors directly with businesses looking to borrow. The Aspire Direct Credit Fund invests exclusively in loans originated through Aspire Capital’s direct lending platforms, bypassing traditional financial institutions, resulting in higher returns and lower fees for investors.To investors, The Aspire Direct Credit Fund offers an asset class that is convenient, competitive, and with a low-lock in period.

Aspire Capital is the fastest and simplest way for small businesses to get funding. By bringing together industry leading risk management and cutting edge technology, Aspire Capital enables businesses to access finance in a matter of days. It has changed the way small businesses access finance, disrupting the traditional model of banking.

Headquartered in Singapore and backed by leading venture capital firms and private investor, Aspire Capital enables small businesses to grow and thrive. Aspire is the trade name of Aspire Financial Technologies Pte. Ltd. and Aspire Capital Ltd, both companies a fully owned subsidiary of Aspire Financial Technologies Holdings Inc., a Delaware (US) Corporation.
How does Aspire invest? 
The Aspire Direct Credit Fund invests exclusively in loans originated through Aspire Capital’s direct lending platforms.

Combining rigorous credit assessment with the latest tech, Aspire Capital uses proprietary risk algorithms and deep learning iterative models to assess loan disbursement as a first layer.

We then spread your investment across industry and geography, meaning your investment is automatically diversified.

South East Asia is the fastest growing region in the world, where GDP is growing at 6% YoY. 95% of GDP is driven by its 78 Million Small Medium Enterprises (SMEs), of which 50% have no access to credit. Having first launched in Singapore in 2018, Aspire Capital is well-positioned to tap the underserved Micro-Cap debt opportunity in SouthEast Asia. The company currently operates in Singapore and Thailand, and will begin operations in Indonesia Q1 2019.

Is this a P2P lending platform? 
No. The Aspire Direct Credit Fund is a fund that reaps the advantages of the seamless integration of our technology-driven investment and direct lending platforms.

We are thus able to offer 3 simple and diversified portfolios for investors to select from, and our sole performance fee model aligns us with our investors.

In a P2P environment, you are entering into a loan agreement directly with borrowers, with a financial intermediary facilitating the transaction.
How is Aspire aligned with investors? 
Unlike any other platform, keeps its Aspire skin in the game by directly underwriting a pro-rata portion of every loan.

Getting started

How do I sign up? 
You can “Register” for an account on our website aspireinvest.org

We will take 1 - 2 working days to process your registration, after which you can transfer your investment funds to our Custodian Trustee’s account. You can expect your investment to start being deployed in around 6 working days from the time you first sign up.
As our appointed Custodian Trustee, Watiga Trust, will be carrying out due diligence checks on counterparties that we conduct business with, we kindly request that you provide them with the information and documentation as per their requirements on a timely basis.
Does Aspire accept International Investors? 
Yes. Note that for non-Singapore tax residents, you will be liable to pay a 15% witholding tax on the nett interest you earned (i.e. interest less performance fees). In our projected earnings, we have already accounted for this withholding tax for International Investors.

We strongly recommend that you consult an independent tax advisor to get a better understanding of your tax obligations, both within Singapore and in your own tax residence.
What is the minimum amount I can invest? 
Our minimum investment amount is US$25,000 for Individual Investors, and US$100,000 for Corporate Investors.
In what currency do you accept investments? 
We accept any currency and will convert it to USD at the spot rate to make your investment. Investments are then executed in USD.
Will there be any foreign exchange fluctuations? 
Yes. Please note that all foreign exchange risk will be borne by investors and as such, the principal you invest and the principal you get back may vastly differ due to changes in the foreign exchange rate.
How do I make a deposit? 
Upon approval of your account, you can find our Custodian Trustee’s USD bank account details in your Dashboard and transfer the money there.
Upon receipt of your money in our SGD bank account, we will disburse your money as soon as we locate and approve a suitable borrower.
Why is my money going into a Custodian Trustee and not directly to your company? 
By having the money held by a Trust, this ensures that your money is safe and going to the borrowers as the Custodian Trustee will always act in your best interest. As such, this prevents the misuse of funds by Aspire.

This also ensures that your money will still be safe in the unlikely event that Aspire shuts its operations, as the Trust company holds the money and will return it to you.
How often can my investments be withdrawn? 
The loan terms offered to borrowers are between 1 - 9 months, with the historical average at 4 months. Your deployed investments can be withdrawn upon repayment by the borrower. You cannot withdraw any amount that has not been repaid. You can withdraw any undeployed funds that have not been deployed after 3 months.


What is your typical borrower’s profile? 
Our typical borrowers are Private Limited or Limited Liability Partnerships incorporated in Singapore, Indonesia or Thailand, with creditworthy local directors that hold more than 30% shareholding.
How will Aspire be allocating my investments? 
We run all loan applicants through our proprietary risk model to make a decision on their creditworthiness. Due to our rigorous risk assessment process, only 12% of applicants are approved. When a loan is approved, it gets assigned a risk grade. If the loan falls within your portfolio criteria and our system selection criteria, we allocate a portion of your investment into that loan. This ensures your investment is sufficiently diversified.
What happens when a loan defaults? 
While a loan default may result in lower returns, our diversified portfolios tend to mitigate the risk of negative returns by spreading your investment over a large number of loans. Our projections account for a 5% default rate by our borrowers (our historical default rate is presently at <3%), though we cannot guarantee that the default rate will not rise in the future. As always, your actual return may be higher or lower and your capital is at risk.
How did you derive your projected returns? 
We derived our projected returns after including our 20% performance fee, and account for a 5% default rate by our borrowers. At present our historical default rate is <3%, but we cannot guarantee that the default rate will not rise in the future. As always, your actual return may be higher or lower and your capital is at risk.
Which portfolio should I choose? 
We offer 3 different portfolios, each catered to different risk appetites.

The Standard portfolio constitutes borrowers including riskier exposures (namely various grades of C, D and E) and will give the highest returns, but with a higher credit risk associated.
The Moderate portfolio contains borrowers with average credit risk ratings (namely various grades of B, C and D) and will give an average return in exchange for a slightly lower risk than Standard.
The Conservative portfolio consists of borrowers with the safest risk grades (namely various grades of A, B and C) and will provide the lowest returns, but with a limited risk exposure.
We recommend that you choose the portfolio that best suits your risk preference. As always, your actual return may be higher or lower and your capital is at risk.
Can I invest in multiple portfolios? 
Yes, you can create multiple portfolios to invest in if you wish to. This could further diversify your investment.
How do I diversify my portfolio? 
All our portfolio plans are designed to be diversified. We disburse your money to as many different types of borrowers as possible so you are not concentrated on a single firm, industry or geography.

Please note that this is limited by the number of borrowers that are eligible to be selected within your portfolio preference.

You may therefore select to create multiple portfolio plans if you would like to further diversify your investments.

Can I reinvest my returns within the same portfolio? 
Yes, you can reinvest your returns within the same portfolio by choosing our “AutoInvest” option when you make your investment. Otherwise, your returns will be kept as cash in your portfolio until you choose to withdraw it.
Can I invest additional money into the same portfolio?  
No, you will not be able to deposit additional amounts into the same portfolio. You can always create a new portfolio if you would like to add additional funds.
Are my returns guaranteed? 
No. Your actual return may be higher or lower and your capital is at risk. All the projected returns are based on historical data and past performance is no guarantee of future results. There is no assurance that such events or targets will be achieved and thus, outcomes may vary. The information presented, including statements concerning financial market trends, is based on current market conditions, which will fluctuate and may be superseded by subsequent market events.
How frequently is my investment dashboard updated? 
Your investment dashboard will be updated every 1st and 15th of the month.
How is my portfolio value calculated? 
Your estimated portfolio value is calculated by the aggregate of all uninvested capital and all expected repayments from the underlying loans allocated to your investment plan.
How is my estimated annual return calculated? 
The estimated annual return is calculated by the average of the term rate of all the underlying loans allocated to your investment plan, annualised. Do note that the return is calculated on invested capital and is net of performance fee and any withholding tax imposed by the local authorities.
How do I withdraw my funds? 
The loan terms offered to borrowers are between 1 - 12 months, with the historical average at 5 months.

Cash returns from your initial investment, including both principal and interest that has not been reinvested by Aspire, can be withdrawn any time.

You may withdraw your funds by clicking the "Withdraw" button.
How do I reinvest my funds to maximise my returns? 
The default option is to reinvest your funds to maximise returns but you may disable auto-reinvesting by clicking the “Disable Auto-reinvesting” button.

Fees & Taxes

What is your fee structure? 
To cover overhead, we charge a 2% management fee calculated as the quarterly average of each investor’s net asset value. We also charge a 20% performance fee on any excess returns you may have earned on your portfolio. There are no account opening, deposit, withdrawal, or processing fees.
Do I have to pay taxes on my returns? 
The Aspire Direct Credit Fund is registered under the Cayman Islands Monetary Authority. Since Cayman Islands does not impose any withholding taxes, as such your return will be gross of any income taxes. Nevertheless your returns are still subject to your country of tax residence. We strongly recommend that you consult an independent tax advisor to get a better understanding of your tax obligations.

Your Investment By The Numbers

1 - 6

Typical loan tenure period


Historical average return on our moderate portfolio


Invested across our full spectrum of micro-cap debt