The SouthEast Asia Direct Debt Opportunity

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More than 50% of the Small Medium Enterprises (SMEs) in SouthEast Asia do not have access to credit. Yet the region is the fastest growing region in the world, with GDP growing 6% YoY, and more than 95% of GDP driven by SMEs.

As traditional banks gravitate towards bigger tickets, Aspire Capital efficiently serves SMEs’ needs by being the fastest and simplest way for small businesses to get funding. By bringing together industry leading risk management and technology, Aspire Capital enables businesses in SouthEast Asia to access finance in a matter of days.

The Aspire Direct Credit Fund invests exclusively in SouthEast Asian micro-cap loans originated through Aspire Capital, taking advantage of Aspire’s rapidly growing credit distribution channels to diversify investments across a vast number of micro-loans across industry and geography.

Your Investment By The Numbers

1 - 6

Typical loan tenure period


Historical average return on our moderate portfolio


Invested across our full spectrum of micro-cap debt